Contents - How to user RoseLine to tag the peaks in a photo

The newest, coolest feature in RoseLine uses the program to take any mountain photo and almost effortlessly identify and tag literally every peak in the picture. No more pouring over topo maps and Google earth for hours trying to figure out just what are those spectacular peaks or even the mundane ones! It's easy.

bulletHow To


bulletYou have access to the photo
bulletYou know where the photo was taken
bulletYou can positively identify two peaks in the photo
bulletCurrently there is only a Washington State version that supports this feature.

How To

Here are the steps to tag the peaks in a photo

bulletRun RoseLine
bulletIf the photo was taken from a known summit, enter the name in the "find" box (Step 1) and find and select that name in the list of peaks with matching names (Step 2). If the photo wasn't taken from a known summit then you'll have to create your own custom viewpoint and enter it's name in the "find" box and then select it the list of matching names.
bulletClick "Find Visible Peaks" (Step 3).
bulletRoseLine will create a list of peaks visible from your viewpoint (Step 4).
bulletChoose output format "Tag a photo" (step 5) and press OK.
bulletLoad your photo
bulletIdentify two peaks in the photo. This will align the tick marks with the peaks
bulletIf the tick marks need some micro-adjustment, do that next
bulletClick on a foreground peak and a background peak and the ticks lengths will be adjusted to match the summits
bulletSave your tagged photo

It's that easy.


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