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Contents - How to user RoseLine to determine where a mountain photo was taken

The newest, coolest feature in RoseLine uses the program to figure out where a photograph was taken. This is an advanced feature that requires the user be comfortable working with GPX data files and some perseverance may be required.



bulletYou have access to the photo
bulletYou can identify by name 4 peaks in the photo
bulletThe program will generate a GPX file with information about where the photo was taken but you must display the contents. If you don't already have a favorite map display program you can you Google Earth to read and display the GPX file.
bulletYou have some patients

How To

Here are the steps to determine the location where a photo was taken

bulletRun RoseLine
bulletPress the "Find Viewpoint" button
bulletLoad your photo
bulletIdentify 4 peaks by clicking on their summits in the photo and selecting their names
bulletThe program will generate a GPX file in the folder with the photo. The GPX file contains "tracks" which are "lines of potential viewpoints"
bulletLoad the GPX file into your favorite map display program - Google Earth might be your best choice if you haven't done this before.
bulletThere will be loops and straight lines and partial lines. Notice where the lines cross. This marks the approximate location where the photo was taken plus or minus a maximum of about 2 miles.
bulletIf the lines don't cross try re-selecting your 4 peaks with with one different that befoer and try again. It sometimes takes several tries.


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